NSWRL Junior League Policies & Procedures Manual 2016

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NSWRL Junior League Policies & Procedures Manual 2016

ARL Rule Book 2015

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ARL Rule Book


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NRL National Code Of Conduct

All players, officials and supporters of Bondi United Inc are reminded that they are expected to abide by the CODE OF CONDUCT as set down by the NRL and fully supported by the Executive of your Club.

This applies whether you are on the field of play, behind the ropes at a junior game or in the grandstand at a senior game.

If you don’t adhere to the Code of Conduct, there are severe penalties, not only for yourself but for your Club as well. The Code of Conduct Committee have the power to fine, suspend or disqualify any person found to have broken the Code of Conduct. Once this happens, your Club then has to answer to the Conduct Committee and can also be subjected to the same penalties. We expect all of our players, officials and supporters to respect these rules.

Players: to play within the rules and to accept decisions by referees and ground officials.

Officials: to respect not only their own players but the opposition team as well.

Supporters: to barrack for your team, but not to abuse players from other teams, referees, ground officials or other supporters.

In recent times there have been incidents of verbal and physical abuse toward referees, officials, volunteers and players. All non compliance with the Code of Conduct by members, parents, players and spectators may attract a financial penalty for our club. In the event of an incident which you believe is in breach of the code, you should inform your team manager and or coach in the first instance, who will then report to the executive committee.

If it is your team manager or coach who you believe may have breached the code of conduct, please contact Club President – Alan Lewis alan@bondiunited.org.au

Everybody associated with the Club is expected to familiarise themselves with the Code of Conduct and abide by its rules at all times.

International Rules 13 Years+

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International Rules 13Years+

Mini/Mod League Rules

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Mini/Mod Rules

Safe Play Code 

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National Safe Play Code


The SAFEPLAY CODE was developed with an emphasis on SAFETY and good conduct within the game of Rugby League. The Code is designed to provide the best possible on-field environment for the ‘junior’ game of Rugby League by actively promoting control over undesirable actions. It has been introduced for all players up to and including the Under 15 years age group. The NSWRL trusts that players, coaches, parents and supporters wholeheartedly embrace the Code for the benefit of the players and the game. THE CODE AND IT’S APPLICATION Tackle Zone No tackle above the armpit is permitted Dangerous Tackles •The legs of the defender cannot be used to trip, sling or throw. •Adopting a crotch hold is misconduct. •A ball runner cannot be lifted and driven. Shoulder Charge A defender cannot charge a ball carrier to tackle. Vicious Palm A defender cannot ‘thrust’out his arm and contact the defender above the shoulder. Slingning The use of the ball carrier’s arm, collar or other parts of the guernsey to sling or swing that player is prohibited. Sandbagging(Flopping) A defender cannot drop or fall on a prone player not attempting to play-on. Surrender Rule (In the tackle) Ball carriers may surrender in the tackle. When small and/or inexperienced players are involved in a “surrender” the defender should not complete the tackle. Verbal Abuse/Foul Language The use of expletives, threatening or denigrating words is not permitted. Scrums No pushing, pulling or rotating a scrum is permitted.

NRL Policies/Laws/Codes Page

NRL Policies/Laws/Codes Page

Important Notice Regarding Behaviour

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