Waverley Council Wet Weather Line

Phone: 9083 8305


To minimise disruption to clubs and users,

The call to close fields due to wet weather will be made by 1pm Monday to Friday, whereby the Council will update the line and send out email notification immediately to nominated club contact.  

For weekend games the line will be updated at 7am Saturday and Sunday, no emails will be sent on the weekend.

Waverley Council Wet Weather Line – a communication tool for Hirers to find out the status of sporting field closures.

Council has a responsibility to provide suitable, safe and sustainable venues for sporting clubs and users to train and compete.

With that, sports field closures are inevitable throughout the year, due to weather and turf conditions.

The decision to close a sporting field is not taken lightly.

Sports fields will be closed only after assessment undertaken by qualified Park Operations staff.

The following criteria will be used during ground assessment;

1.Surface Water Present

2.Saturation of soil (water rising to surface as walking across is often an indicator)

3.Surface is slippery to walk on

4.Grass and surface is dislodged easily

5.Existing condition of the surface

The objectives of council is to ensure a sustainable standard of the sporting grounds, so clubs and sports participation can grow in the region.

It is important that all users acknowledge and respond to ground closures to ensure the grounds can be maintained for future use. In addition, we ask users to take reasonable steps to reduce damage to grounds during use.

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