Working With Children Information


(This includes Managers, Coaches, Leaguesafe, Trainers and other Officials)

MUST HAVE a current Working with Children Check AND have provided THE CLUB with a copy of this as we have to keep a register.  See Below for more

This is a free check for Volunteers.

All NEW and EXISTING Working With Children Children Checks need to be sent to

Cath Kara

Proof of identity requirements

Find your nearest NSW Motor Registry, RMS agency, or Service NSW office target (not your local Council)


Volunteers and students on professional placement do not pay for the Working With Children Check.

If you begin paid work, you will have a maximum of 30 days from the date you receive your first pay to upgrade to a Check for paid workers.

A volunteer Check is not valid for paid work.

Getting the results

• Please allow up to four weeks to receive your results

• If there is a delay, these are the most common reasons:

Common surname or date of birth

Sharing the name as someone who has a criminal history

Records against your name.

• If you nominated an email address in your application form, we will email the results to you. Check all inboxes, including your spam and junk mail folders

• If you are cleared, you will receive a WWC number, not a certificate

• You do not need to wait for your WWC number to be verified online. Your employer/club can use your APP number once you have completed the application process

REMINDER All volunteers This includes managers, coaches, leaguesafe, trainers and other officials) this year MUST HAVE a current working with children check AND provided THE CLUB with a copy of this as we have to keep a register.

Volunteers need to forward the confirmation to

Cath Kara

IT IS FREE – just complete the online form at below link – remember to tick VOLUNTEER and CLUB

Working With Children Check/Apply