For Round 2 this Sunday the NO CARD NO PLAY policy will be enforced.

Please note that there are players still in the system who have not completed the final step in the clearance process and are therefore considered unregistered. In that case a card will not be made available for them to play so please check with your teams so there are no issues for players this Sunday.

Obviously players taking the field that haven’t completed registration will see clubs in breach of our rules and regulations.


The Working with Children Checks for team officials and volunteers must at a minimum be lodged prior to Friday so the league office is aware of the lodgement.

Please see the link below and advise those that are outstanding in your club to go online and commence the WWCC process.

Whilst many clubs have the majority of their members compliant there are also others that are still outstanding.

Please advise the league office of new or outstanding team officials and to what team they are allocated to so we can continue our own auditing process.

Remembering that individual clubs can be audited by the Office of the Children’s Guardian and records need to be kept up to date.

NSW Office of the Childrens Guardian